HTC 10 pre-orders begin shipping in the UK starting tomorrow


While the HTC 10 is still in the process of landing on the doorsteps for a vast majority of folks, there are those who pre-ordered the device in other regions wondering when they’ll finally get their shot. After watching as early HTC 10 orders began shipping for Verizon and the unlocked version here in the states, HTC has confirmed that they’ll begin shipping pre-orders in the UK come tomorrow, May 6th.

htc 10 uk shipping tweet

Once again, orders will be shipped on a first come, first served basis. For those that pre-ordered the device on day 1, we’d say there’s a good chance yours will be arriving this weekend or early next week. If you didn’t pre-order the phone and were looking to pick it up at your local retail store, the HTC 10 will be available in-store on May 13th in the UK.

Keep checking those emails for a shipping confirmation!


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