May 2nd, 2016

The Oculus Rift is one of the best — and most developer supported — VR experiences available right now. Soon, everyone will have a chance to try out one of the world’s most talked about new gaming devices and all yo have to do is visit your local Best Buy store.

Best Buy announced today that 48 of their stores across the country will be giving free demos of the product at their “The Intel Experience” booths beginning this Saturday, May 7th. Since there will likely be a line to play, Best Buy recommends signing up for a demo up to a month in advance if you’re just dying to try out this new product and don’t want to be kept waiting. There will also be a small quantity of units on-hand if you like what you see and want to purchase a unit.

There will be 2 games available to experience: Dreamdeck and The Climb. Dreamdeck is more or a less a passive gaming title, placing the player in other-worldly environments to spectate in, while The Climb is a virtual rock climbing experience built using the Cry Engine that should instill feelings of vertigo. If nothing else, it’s always entertaining to watch others playing with VR for the first time.

Best Buy also says that Oculus Rift demos will be expanding to more stores later this summer, so be on the lookout if your local store isn’t participating initially.

[Best Buy Oculus Sign Up]

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