WhatsApp leak shows new voice mail, call back, and ZIP file sharing features



While most rumors surround upcoming devices, or projects that Google is working on, there are still times where big updates get rumored for popular Android apps. A recent rumor states that Facebook-owned WhatsApp is about to get a lot more love from the developers.

While WhatsApp already has the ability to make VoIP phone calls, there’s no way to know what a missed call was about. If this leak turns out to be true, that’s all about to change. The upcoming update hopes to bring Voice Mail to WhatsApp in addition to other Call Back features that can essentially allowing users to use WhatsApp for all their communication needs.

In addition to the new Call Back features, the leak also states the app will begin supporting ZIP file sharing between users. Currently, users can share PDF, DOCX, DOC, and VCF files, but ZIP files have been missing.

The leak doesn’t say when the update should be rolling out to WhatsApp users, but the images make it look like the update is already available to some and could be coming soon.

[via PhoneRadar]


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