Play This: Put the Big Mac to shame in Burger – The Game [VIDEO]


There are hundreds, if not thousands of games in the Google Play Store. In our new Play This series, we want to highlight some of the best, most unique, addictive, or even down right frustrating games the Google Play Store has to offer.

Today we’re taking a look at Burger – The Game by developer Philipp Stollenmayer. It’s a casual gaming title that’s less a fast food simulator and more a lesson in physics, because, let’s face it — physics is way more fun.

Players flip meat patties off a sizzling skillet in an attempt to land them on a carefully positioned bun. The higher your meat stack, the more points you get which can be accumulated and cashed out for new types of meat. The variations in meat doesn’t really change gameplay at all (just the background color) and ranges from chicken, pork, human (my favorite), to odd items like fire extinguisher or those statues from Easter Island. Hey, nobody said anything about making a digestible burger, just the world’s tallest one.

Pro tip: Hold the screen and catch the food on a level pan and let it it sizzle for a bit before flipping. For whatever reason, this gave us greater success in landing patties on the bun.

We wish there was a little more to the game, but that would probably take away from its minimal appeal. There is Google Play Games support with achievements and leaders boards to help keep things competitive with friends. So that was definitely appreciated. The game has already made the rounds here at Phandroid, where stacks are getting upwards of 22 stacks high (meanwhile my tallest is a very sad 6).

Burger – The Game is 2 parts addictive and 1 part frustrating and although I’ve never worked in fast food, I’m pretty sure it’s nothing like this (and that’s a good thing). If you’re looking for a minimal, semi-addictive casual game to kill some time on the toilet, Burger – The Game is one of the best Android has to offer. Oh, it’s also free to download, so there’s no reason to not give this one a shot.

Download on Google Play: Burger – The Game

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