YouTube’s recommendation engine is getting a lot smarter today


Have you ever opened YouTube for some leisurely browsing only to find that Google sometimes recommends videos you have absolutely no interest in? You’re not alone. The recommendations engine is fine for the most part, but it definitely can be hit or miss based on your viewing habits.

youtube app update

Google is hoping to improve that. They’ve announced a new recommendations experience powered by their deep neural network technology. It’s machine learning, folks. YouTube will begin to learn your habits, interests, and patterns. They’re also placing more emphasis on showing you recent video from your most beloved creators.

That’s just the brawn, though. The app has gotten some love in the beauty department, though it’s nothing major — they’ve made both the video thumbnails and channel icons more prominent. Nothing major, but everything that’s done to highlight the content and its creators will always make us happy.

[via Google]

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