Project Fi app gets a data usage widget and a call forwarding toggle


Google is updating the Project Fi with a couple of useful features! The first is a widget to give you a quick glance at your data usage. It’s a circular widget which shows you roughly how much data you’ve used in your current billing cycle, as well as how many days you have to go before it resets.

project fi data widget

The widget looks really nice. It’s designed as a speed dial, of sorts, so you get a natural idea of your usage without having to think much about it. It’s much better than anything the other carriers are doing, anyway.

Also being added in this patch is a call forwarding toggle. It’s a simple switch that lets you turn call forwarding on or off for any number you have, and it comes with the added benefit of not having to reverify anything when you’re reenabling call forwarding. Lastly, a bug that would show data usage one day into the future has been fixed.

You can grab the APK right here if you’re interested, but if you’re not into that then we suspect it won’t take long for the update to hit your phone.

[via Reddit]

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