Google Search results will soon show local TV listings for shows you search


Google is making it easier to find out when your favorite TV shows are coming on. The company has announced a new feature in Google Search that will show local TV listings in your area whenever you search for a specific show so that exciting new Grey’s Anatomy episode won’t slip past you.

google search shows

It looks like Google will default the results to your local digital TV listings, though an Edit Provider link would seem to suggest you can switch it to whichever cable or satellite provider you’re currently with.

Beyond that, Google also had a myriad of announcements to make for DoubleClick ad publishers. One of the biggest things Google is doing is making sure ads of 2 similar products don’t air within the same commercial break.

We’re not sure how important variety is to you in those 30-second blocks of campaigns to get you to buy products, but it’s nice regardless. As for the TV listings, we don’t have an ETA just yet, only that the goods will be available in Google Search “soon.”

[via Google]

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