Samsung finally makes the strange Good Lock app official


Samsung Good Lock lock screen

Last month, we got our hands on a strange new feature from Samsung called “Good Lock.” The “app” can be found in the Galaxy Apps store, but it’s much more than an app. Once installed, your phone will reboot and have a completely new UI. Samsung has finally officially announced Good Lock along with a few improvements.

Good Lock changes everything from your lock screen to the notifications. The lock screen has widgets and a full app tray that can display 16 apps. You can set routines to change the lock screen throughout the day. The notification shade is also completely different. It looks like a cross between Android N and Lollipop. In the Recent Apps page you’ll see a new list layout and the apps tray from the lock screen.

Samsung Good Lock notifications and quick settings

Check out our full hands-on for a full rundown of the features. It’s not clear what Samsung hopes to accomplish with Good Lock. If anything, it shows just how easily the entire UI can be changed. We can’t help but dream of a future where you can download a stock Android UI. Have you tried Samsung Good Lock?

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