Apr 19th, 2016

Pebble Time timeline

Most of the best smartwatches today are well over $200, which can be a little steep for a device you might not even need. A lot of people would love to try a smartwatch, but they aren’t willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars on yet another thing to charge every night. Android Area has a great deal on a different type of smartwatch. It won’t break the bank and it will give you a taste of the smartwatch world.

The Pebble Time is a smartwatch does most of the things Android Wear can do with 7 times the battery life. It has a color e-paper display that stays on 24/7 while showing notifications. You can interact with many of the notifications like you would on Android Wear. Canned responses, emoji, and even voice messages are possible. The Pebble Time is also water resistant up to 30 meters.

For 6 more days you can grab the Pebble Time for just $119.99 from Android Area. If Android Wear isn’t your cup of tea, give the Pebble a try. It’s a great little device.

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