Apr 19th, 2016

Airbnb today revealed a big upgrade coming to their mobile apps. The upgrade will add a lot of new stuff that’ll help you ditch the been-there-done-that carousel you get from a travel guide book.

First of all, the app integrates the Neighborhoods feature that we’ve had on the web for years now (FINALLY). This feature gives you a more detailed look at the neighborhood your potential temporary living quarters are in instead of just the house itself. It’s always nice to get a feel for a neighborhood before going there.

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You’re also getting a matchmaking system that’ll help you find a host and neighborhood that best meets your needs, as well as a guidebooks feature that delivers host-curated information about where to go and what to do in the area you’re living. The idea is to make your stay less like a tourists’ visit and more like, well, you’re actually living there. Otherwise, staying in a hotel would have done you just fine.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an arrival date for all these wonderful new features just yet, with Airbnb only telling us that they’ll be “coming soon.”

[via Airbnb]

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