You can now purchase LG’s modules and accessories from the “Friends” Store


Back when the LG G5 was unveiled, the company made mention of a specific store where customers would be able to purchase the various modules and accessories for the device. That’s where the LG’s Playground came into play and now we have the Friends store to get all the goodies.


Earlier today, LG flipped the switch on the “Friends” Store webpage, and folks can head over and check out all the goodies that you can use with your LG G5. As for what’s available through the store, LG has posted the following:

It’s worth noting that even after much controversy, the LG Hi-Fi Plus is only available in the UK, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. LG provided no rhyme or reason as to why those of us in the US won’t be getting this specific module, but one could speculate that it’s due to some sort of supply issue with Band & Olufsen — the company LG partnered with on the module.

Additionally, the only one of the devices that is not available now is the LG Rolling Bot, which is expected to be released soon. The device is designed to provide a new way to monitor your home while you aren’t around, control your various home electronics, and keep your pets entertained.

[via Droid Life]


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