Alphabet could be building an entire futuristic city soon


What would you say to your city being transformed in ways like the Jetsons’ place of residence? We’re likely very far off from that reality, but one Alphabet subsidiary could be looking to get started on more grounded concepts for a futuristic city in the near future.


The subsidiary is known as Sidewalk Labs, and the company is reportedly going to approach Larry Page with a proposal sometime soon. Their goal will be to use digital technology to enhance city living and tackle problems such as pollution, overcrowding, traffic and energy.

They’ll also likely use the internet as an essential framework for their goals, with many of the city enhancements being internet-driven. If the proposal is accepted, the team could start lobbying for cities to come on board within a year’s time.

Having an actual city to test new technology in is critical to getting it off the ground. Alphabet wouldn’t be able to pursue self-driving cars for consumers if they couldn’t test it in actual city conditions, and any other technological transformation at the city level is no different. We’re silently rooting for the team to ge the go-ahead from the big boss because we’d love to see what a city would look like under Alphabet’s influence.

[via The Information]

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