Blackberry PRIV Marshmallow beta starts rolling out to initial testing group


Were you lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Blackberry PRIV Marshmallow beta? Well, today is the day you’ll get your first taste of the goods. The company has started rolling the update out to the initial group of testers.

Only a select few in the tester group will receive it right away, a tactic which will give Blackberry some breathing room in case anything goes wrong. If all looks well, then the update will start spreading to everyone else in the testing group.

Don’t forget that Blackberry hasn’t accepted everyone who applied for the beta just yet. The company still has plans to expand the testing group down the line, so if you were unlucky enough not to make it then sit tight and it won’t be long before you graduate from waiting list resident to full participant.

[via 9to5Google]

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