Before you pre-order the HTC 10, you’ll want to use these $100-off promo codes


HTC 10 pre-order coupon code 100 dollars off

Wait. Stop. We know some of you are already sold on the HTC 10 (I know I am), but before you pre-order you’re going to want to take advantage of this coupon code. The code takes $100-off the price of the unlocked GSM model, taking things down from $700 to a much more reasonable $600. All you have to do is use code HTC1008 during checkout, but only if you live in the US. Alternatively, HTC1009 can can also be used if for some reason, that original isn’t working out. If you live in Canada, try HTCCA1008. Those in the UK will have to settle for the 10%-off discount code HTC10 which comes with free express shipping.

Hopefully you didn’t rush out and pre-order one already, in which case you may want to cancel your order and re-do it. We did notice that it doesn’t appear the 12 months of interest free financing went into effect when using the code and PayPal credit (It’s only showing 6 months for us). *shrugs* Pre-order link provided below.

Pre-order from HTC: Unlocked HTC 10

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