Sony Xperia C6 pictured with 6-inch display and front facing LED flash with wide angle lens



Front facing cameras rarely ever live up to the quality their rear facing counterparts offer, especially when it comes to low light shooting. We’ve seen manufacturers make attempts to remedy this by introducing larger sensors — like on the HTC One M9 — and there are even a handful of Android devices that have stuck LED flashes on the front.

Sony has an entire Xperia line equipped with front facing flashes, with the Xperia C3, C4, and C5 Ultra being their most recent “selfie phones.” It looks like Sony could be planning another, with a new 6-inch version recently leaked online. Posted on Baidu, the leaked photo shows a phone carrying a wide angle front facing camera just like on other C series handsets and, you guessed it, a front facing flash.

It’s this, coupled with a huge 6-inch display (and super small side bezels), that leads us to believe this could be the the Sony Xperia C6, a 6-inch followup to the C series for 2016. Other hardware specs are scarce, but chances are it will feature other low-to-mid-range specs as previous models (we’re thinking MediaTek processor). Of course there’s no way to be sure until Sony makes the phone official and if previous C series handsets are any indication, there’s no telling where the Sony Xperia C6 will eventually end up.

[Xperia Blog]

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