Don’t want to wait for the OTA update? Update the LG V10 to Marshmallow right now using LG Bridge


Last week, T-Mobile announced that Marshmallow for the LG V10 would begin rolling out to the handset starting this week. Often times, carriers like to start things off slowly, pushing out major software updates like these in stages. For those that don’t want to wait around Marshmallow to become available on their LG V10 over-the-air, you can take matters into your hands by updating manually via LG Bridge, the manufacturer’s desktop software for handling updates (among other things).

Now, given that this is a major OS update, we’d recommend backing things up via LG Bridge then factory resetting and starting new. It’s not mandatory by any means, but generally a good rule of thumb when updating to an entirely new Android dessert. To get Marshmallow on your LG V10 right now, download LG Bridge via the link below.

Download LG Bridge: Windows PC and Mac OSX

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