Leaked official HTC 10 promo video shows the phone and all its curves ahead of launch [VIDEO]


HTC can’t quite keep a lid on things over there in Taiwan. A new leak gives us an early look at the promotional video HTC will use to unveil at an event tomorrow.

htc 10 promo 2

The video doesn’t tip us off to anything we didn’t already know, but it gives us a clean and clear look at multiple angles of the device in quite the pleasant presentation. Earlier today, we heard about new rumors that suggested we could get a second HTC 10 variant, as well as word that HTC will be using f/1.8 camera sensors with optical image stabilization on both the front and rear.

Be sure to watch the video above if you’re interested, but we have stills from the video straight ahead for those who can’t hit the play button right away.

[via HTC Source]

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