Apr 8th, 2016

HTC 10 white final

If current leaks and rumors hold true, we’re expecting HTC to unveil 4 colors of the HTC 10 during its April 12th event: gold, silver/white, silver/black, and black. If you were hoping for another look at the white version of the HTC 10 in the real world, a new leak is showing the device as it lies comfortably on someone’s laptop. The photo appears to have originally been posted on Weibo, a Chinese social network where leaked photos like this frequently come from.

According to the person who re-posted the photo on Twitter, this is what they’re calling the “final version” of the device. It doesn’t show off too much, only the front of the device and what is probably that new launcher HTC will debut with Sense 8. The white model is definitely enticing, but I think I might be going with the silver/black combo (providing the phone lives up to expectations). How about you?


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