Facebook Messenger rolling out custom profile usernames, links, and QR codes to share with others


Facebook Messenger Profile username link code

Last year, Facebook made it possible for anyone to use Messenger — the social network’s instant messaging platform — with or without a Facebook account. Today they’re announcing new profile options that should make connecting with others much more easy. If a simple name or email address just wont do, Facebook is giving users the ability to create custom usernames, links, and even create “Messenger Codes” to give out or broadcast across social media.

The codes work much the same way as the QR codes on Snapchat, allowing someone to scan your code and add you on Messenger. As for the links, the URL will be truncated to the new, using as few characters as possible to easily squeeze into social media profiles. Businesses will also be able to get in on the fun, providing an easy way for customers to get in touch for instant customer service.

Facebook only said that they’re starting to rollout these new features, so there’s no telling when we’ll see it on iOS, let alone Android versions of the app. Keep your eye out for an update.

Download on Google Play: Facebook Messenger

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