Jun 24th, 2015

Facebook Messenger icon

Despite having more than 1.44 billion monthly active users, Facebook knows that not everybody wants to join a social network just to keep in touch with friends and/or family. That’s why they’re eliminating the need to log in with a Facebook account altogether in their latest Messenger update.

Launching first for users in Canada, the United States, Peru and Venezuela, Messenger will not only require a phone number in order to get started using the service which we admit, is much more enjoyable to use than Hangouts. Users who login with their phone numbers will still have access to all the features in Messenger including sending photos, group chats, even voice and video calling.

Facebook Messenger sign-up Android

Facebook does mention that there are still benefits to using your Facebook account to login vs only your phone number like being able to message Facebook friends/contacts (not just people in your phone book), as well as access messages across multiple devices and on the web.

As someone who spends a lot of time messaging friends/family on Messenger, this is absolutely perfect as my immediate family is no longer on Facebook. I’d be willing to guess more than a few of can relate.