Apr 6th, 2016

Android Beta Program OEM partners code

The worst part about the Android Beta Program — aside from all the bugs and instability — is that it’s exclusive to Google Nexus devices. Android enthusiasts with “regular” Android devices from their carrier or manufacturers like Samsung or LG have no choice but to wait on the sidelines as Nexus users have all the fun. But that could soon change.

Hidden inside the HTML source code on the official Android website — the one that provides details on the timeline of updates — is an interesting bit of text. From the looks of things, the Android Beta Program may soon open up to other “OEM partners.” At best, we’re looking at OEMs like Samsung, LG, or even HTC joining in on the fun. At worst, it could be new Android One partners. Viewing the source code, you’ll find the following text…

Accompanying Android Beta Program for consumers, starting later in the preview

  • More supported devices, including devices from OEM partners

The obvious benefit of including devices like the Galaxy S7 in the Android Beta Program is it gives OEMs the ability to push out Android releases much quicker, letting willing (and desperate) Android users like us to do most of the necessary testing. Of course, stability of devices people rely on as their daily driver is a very real concern (imagine going to call 911 and your phone reboots), but for those that don’t mind living on the bleeding edge, this could be a great way for us to test releases before they are officially rolled out to the general public. It’s still too vague to know for sure what Google is talking about here, but we imagine we’ll learn more further down the line.

[Android N Developer Preview Overview | via Reddit]

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