Apr 5th, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:25 pm

Well, look what we have here: a new LG trademark for the LG G5. The LG G5 is already alive and well, of course, but this new trademark — which exists in South Korea’s trademark offices — slaps an “SE” suffix to the end of it. If you don’t recall, that’s the same suffix Apple is using to market their compact iPhone.

Someone in Apple’s marketing department is probably livid right now, but they’d have no just cause to be. LG filed a trademark application for the name as far back as December 2015, well before the company’s announcement and before news outlets were even tipped off to the “iPhone SE” name.

lg g5 se trademark

So, does this mean LG is bringing out a miniature version of the G5? That’s hard to say. There have been no rumors to suggest as much to this point, and LG may not have even originally intended for “SE” to be synonymous with “small.” But since Apple has done it, they’d probably have to go along with it or change the name.

Despite the iPhone SE’s existence, LG doesn’t seem content with letting the name fall by the wayside. The company has refreshed applications for the trademark as recently as March 29th, which means they’re still considering utilizing it at some point in the future. Would you want a compact LG G5?

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