Samsung reportedly looking to launch their first folding smartphone next year



It’s been a good while since we last saw a foldable Android device hit the market, so maybe we’re overdue. After the Kyocera Echo and the Sony Tablet P launched ages ago, it appears Samsung could be next in line, hoping to strike it big with a foldable device of their own.

According to ETNews — whom we don’t believe participates in April Fools jokes — Samsung is looking to being producing this folding smartphone design by the end of this year, with a launch sometime in 2017. The phone would feature a 5-inch display that can be extended to 7-inches when opened, essentially converting the device into a smaller-sized tablet. Unlike older dual-display solutions (like the Kyocera Echo), Samsung’s device would feature a single display that can be folded, like a wallet of sorts. A really expensive wallet.

We’re still trying to wrap our heads around how something like this would work (wouldn’t it also need an outside display if the display folds in on itself?), but intrigued that Samsung’s folding display technology could soon make its way into an actual product. We’re not sure how much weight his rumor holds, so we still remain skeptical.

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