Uh-Oh: The LG G5 may have a lot of plastic in its metal unibody build [VIDEO]


When LG originally announced the G5 we’d heard it had a metal unibody construction. It looked and felt the part. But not all is as it seems, apparently.

YouTuber Jerry Rig began ripping his device apart to see the innards and test durability. It was only then that it was discovered LG may be using a good deal of plastic under that metallic-looking paint.

He claims the device has a layer of plastic on top of the device’s aluminum chassis, which is a classic engineering design for many plastic phones over the years. It’s said the exterior was made to “feel” metal with a special microdizing process which uses anodized aluminum to simulate the feel of a full metal body.

lg g5 plastic question mark

So, is it true? Did LG flat out lie? Their answer in the early going is no. LG notes this line in their original press release:

Furthermore, the insulative antenna is invisibly integrated into the body without disrupting the seamless look of the metal uni-body. LG designers took the metal body concept one step further by adding a Shiny Cut edge for added contrast and a more comfortable grip.

It would seem to suggest LG is only using plastic in certain areas of the chassis beneath the exterior, implying that Jerry somehow scratched into the one area where there was plastic for purposes of attenuation. That would be remarkable.

But LG’s statement was vague, and we’re going to be seeking out a clearer answer. We’ll be contacting LG to see if they can clarify what they mean, as well as reaching out to Jerry Rig to see if he noticed plastic in any other areas of the device’s rear. Let’s hope for both LG and consumers’ sake that this is all just a big misunderstanding.

[via Android Authority]


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