Upcoming software update for the Nextbit Robin will double camera speed and add more emojis


The Nextbit Robin is one of the surprise devices of this year. Nextbit’s fresh approach to how a smartphone should look and work has found an audience. The team is not resting yet, though. A new software update is slated to hit the Robin next month. The update will bring Android 6.0.1, improved camera speed, and an expanded set of emoji.

Nextbit says this update will target the lag in the Robin’s camera. The video above demonstrates the new speed of the camera app, which is now twice as fast. You’ll also notice some slight UI tweaks to the camera and gallery. Besides the camera, this update will also improve battery life. Emoji-lovers will be happy to know new emojis, such as taco, are on the way as well.

Nextbit Robin IMG_7060

The update should arrive sometime in April. We love to see a newcomer like Nextbit work hard to improve their device. Buying a phone from a small company can be a huge risk, but so far it looks like Nextbit is making it worth it. Anyone out there have a Nextbit Robin? How do you like it?

[via The Verge]

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