Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is official, comes with an insane 5,000mAh and other improved specs


Samsung Galaxy A9

Because you always want what you can’t have, Samsung is revealing a new and improved variant of their Galaxy A9 and they’re calling it, what else, but the Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. Going by the model number SM-A9100, they should have just called it the “BFB edition” (use your imagination) because the Pro apparently comes with an insanely large 5,000mAh battery. Let me say that again — a five thousand milliampere hour battery.

Once you’ve scraped your jaw off the floor, you’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find other top notch hardware specs as well. There’s a sizable 6-inch 1080p display, powerful Snapdragon 652 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a 16MP camera. The design remains the same even though it pretty much 1-ups the regular Galaxy A9 in just about every area (aside from the display and processor). With a battery that big, you’ll also be pleased to know that it supports fast charging, so in between 3-day long gaming sessions, the phone will have no trouble topping off in a hurry.

Apparently US buyers hate battery life because this phone is China-only for now. The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro is priced at 3499 yuan or about $540 US dollars. Really, this post and others like it are little more than one giant tease, meant to get your engines roaring for a phone you’ll likely never have the pleasure of buying. But, in the off chance that the Galaxy A9 Pro ever launches in markets outside of China, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out.


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