Official HTC 10 teaser touts “fastest and smoothest” performance yet in an Android device, confirms capacitive keys


HTC 10 teaser

Despite that big HTC 10 leak from this morning (a Romanian retailer already has the phone up for pre-order), it’s still business as usual for HTC. They’re continuing with the hype train, tweeting out a new teaser for the device that confirms capacitive buttons, but not much else. We’ve played around with the contrast of the render a bit, and not even that rear facing speaker is showing up.

HTC mentions in their tweet that, “Not all phones are created equal. The fastest and smoothest Android. You’ll feel it,” following up with the tag “Performance10” in the photo. As a speed junkie myself, this is probably the most important part of this tweet and while every manufacturer touts blazing fast speed, HTC devices always impress when it comes to performance. One of the things we loved about the HTC One M9 was how smooth the OS felt, no matter what it was you were doing.

Of course, everything will be revealed come this April 12th when HTC finally makes the HTC 10 (not even the name has been confirmed yet) officially official. If performance matches that of our Nexus 6P, we think this could officially be our next Android.

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