One Romanian shop already has the HTC 10 up for pre-sale, starts at $830


We’re 2 weeks away from HTC’s official reveal of the HTC 10, but Romanian shop QuickMobile can’t wait. The company has listed the HTC 10 for pre-sale, with the asking price of $830 accompanying the listing for a 32GB LTE variant in gray.

htc 10 pre-order

While that price sounds high, there are a couple of things to remember:

  • They could be inflating the cost themselves.
  • The price could be normal for the market despite appearing bloated when converted to other currencies.
  • The price is likely to be adjusted according to each market.

We don’t even know if this shop has all the launch details HTC’s waiting to unleash. It’s common practice for these smaller retailers to use leaked information and pictures to form their listings, something which we see in the world of accessories all too often. Rumor has it HTC will sell the thing just a few short days after announcing it April 12th so it won’t be long before we have the official details.

[via GSMArena]

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