Save $100 on a regular Moto X Pure Edition by picking up one of those awful Jonathan Adler designs


Motorola Moto X Pure Edition Limited Jonathan Adler

Late last year, Motorola attempted to drum up newfound interest in the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition by creating new designs by designer Jonathan Adler. Aside from coming at a $25 premium, the designs were somewhat… underwhelming to say the least. Boring patterns, minimal shapes — it seems these models weren’t flying off store shelves as quick as Motorola had hoped.

Today, all the Moto X Pures from Adler’s collection are on sale, marked down to $350 ($125 off). They all come with 32GB of internal storage, which saves you a cool $100 off the regular Moto X Pure which runs $450 for the same amount of storage. If you care about design (or don’t), these Adler Pure Editions are finally being offered at the right price. Link to the deal provided below.

Buy from Motorola: Moto X Pure Edition (Jonathan Adler collection)

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