Motorola reveals a limited design collection of Moto Maker options from designer Johnathan Adler


Motorola today revealed some interesting new Moto Maker customization options for folks who want the Moto X Pure Edition. The collection consists of 3 designs by designer Johnathan Adler, who felt like the holiday season was the perfect time to introduce a series eye-catching designs that you can have built into your Moto X.

If you don’t know Johnathan Adler, he’s a popular designer whose small-time passion grew into one of the most popular designer outlets in the world. His stores offer all sorts of designer items, including clothing, furniture, pottery and other home decor.


One of the Adler-designed Moto X Pure devices features diagonal red stripes on a white background, another has 2 profound circles in off-shades of red and blue, while the third features a series of pentagonal blue shapes. You can begin pre-ordering a phone with one of these designs starting November 24th at Moto Maker, with Motorola officially launching them December 3rd. It’ll run you $474.99 for a 32GB version, so you’re paying about $25 more for the opportunity to hold one over a typical Moto X of that same storage size.

[via Motorola]

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