Chromecast app is officially rebranded to Google Cast on the Play Store


Google Cast

The Chromecast app icon is about to find a new home in your application drawer. Following Google’s decision to officially drop the name “Chrome” from the Chromecast app (because more than just Chromecast-enabled apps work with it), the application is now following suit.

Changes are officially being reflected in the Play Store (other than the category being renamed a little over a year ago) where the app has been rebranded “Google Cast.” So, if you’re wondering what happened to the Chromecast icon in your app drawer — you’ll want to check under “G.”

New changes also include Android TVs and Cast-enabled speakers now showing up in the devices tab, and a first run tutorial for Chromecast Audio. Update is rolling out now on Google Play and should hit your device shortly.

Download on Google Play: Google Cast 1.14

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