Google Cast quietly replaces Chromecast category in Google Play Store


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If you jump into your Play Store app today, you might notice a small change to the Categories section (located under Apps > Categories tab). What was once the “Chromecast” category has now quietly been renamed to simply “Google Cast.” With Android TV gearing up for a launch soon, it makes perfect sense too.

The actual protocol for the forwarding of video content off to your Chromecast TV dongle is called “Google Cast” and the renaming of the category is likely in preparation for the slew of new Android devices carrying support for the streaming protocol in the future — devices that aren’t the Chromecast. You know, just in case you wondering “what gives.”

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  1. and the Cast Receiver app for these upcoming Android TV devices is already in the Play Store too:

  2. They’re getting ready to host our first Chromecast game – Buzzb!

    We want to turn Chromecast into a gaming console. We’ve just launched our Kickstarter and we’re already close to our funding goal. Support us here:

  3. Cant wait for Android TV, it will replace my Asus Cube.

    1. Same here! I have the Hardkernel Odroid-U2 which I made into my own Android set to box, but I saw the Asus Cube on Groupon for like $35 (actually $50 because I never sent in the rebate lol), thought it was ok, used it for a few days and haven’t touched it in a year lol Android TV is going to make the Odroid extremely more useful now!

      1. Lol, I actually got the Cube on Groupon too, for cheap as well. I got it to replace my long dead Revue, whose hard drive was sounding like a motorboat before i disconnected it. Had to hit the thing to stop the sound, and then it just never stopped. The Cube has been ok, it just never recognized the TV feed from my FIOS box, so its been inconvenient. I use it mainly for YouTube and browsing the web on my TV. Android TV will replace the Cube and be much more functional, im sure.

        1. I thought the pass-through was awesome…then I remembered that I had standard cable from Comcast so no HDMI connection on my box. I moved to the other end of the state and now I have FiOS and HDMI, but I don’t even use the Cube or FiOS TV lol my TV and PC are right next to each other so I have both the TV and Monitor connected to my PC.

  4. Yea they’ve always been super inconsistent about calling it Google casting and chrome casting even though from day one it worked with other devices like smart tv’s. And then add chrome tab casting.

  5. yes you can already cast video from chrome to nexus 5 such as plex

  6. best $35 tech bucks I ever spent!

  7. Yeah for if and when Android TV devices actually ever come out?

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