Google is building an answer to Amazon Echo


Smart home hubs and personal assistants are all the rage these days. Sony, Samsung, LG, and — of course — Amazon are all talking up compelling options. Now Google has ambitions of their own.

The Information reports the company is currently building their equivalent to the Amazon Echo. We’d thought that’s what the Google OnHub router could be until we learned it didn’t have any microphones to help facilitate that.

OnHub router

Google’s OnHub Router isn’t a smart home hub despite looking like one.

The rumor was pointed out in a story regarding Nest’s current supposed frustrations under Google’s umbrella. The company supposedly wants to do more than just refine the cameras, thermostats and detectors they already have, and they were excited at the idea of being able to work on Google’s first smart home hub. It certainly would be a nice fit for Nest, who already has a heavy hand and interest in the smart home industry with its products and the Works With Nest platform.

But Nest was turned down by the team heading the project, for one reason or another. It’s likely the company would have a hand in launching this thing at some point, but for now Google’s keeping it closer to home.

Google is no stranger in the personal assistant game. They already have a very sophisticated platform in Google Now, and with their interests in the ongoing development of the internet of things space they’re not likely to take a backseat to anyone if they know they can do it better.

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