Galaxy S7 can read 2 SIM cards and a microSD card at the same time if you’re crafty enough


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 can read either 2 SIM cards or a SIM card and microSD card at the same time if you want, but did you know it’s possible to have it read 2 SIM cards and a microSD card at the same time? Well, it is.

galaxy s7 nano sim mod

Samsung didn’t intend for that to be the case, of course, but if you have a little elbow grease, a steady hand and a knack for tinkering you can modify your SIM card and microSD card in a way that lets the phone read both.

The process involves removing the circuit board from a nano SIM card and attaching it to the microSD card. There’s some cutlery involved, too.

There’s a pretty good risk of destroying a nano SIM card here, but those things are cheap, and if you can get this to work it’ll probably be worth a world of a frustration for an easier mobile life. You can find the full instructions right here, but do beware that you’re doing this at your own risk.

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