Google Photos update introduces new ‘smarter albums’ with maps, pins, and captions


Google Photos Smarter Albums update maps pins captions

Google Photos is making it easier than ever to create — and share — photos taken on a recent trip. It’s part of a new update to Google Photos that introduces new “smarter albums.”

Basically, Photos will curate an album for you, filled with only the best photos taken from a trip or event and using location data from the photos, place pins on a map so you can see the exact spot where every photo was taken. Of course, you can spice the album up with your own captions on photos, then sharing it with others to view or collaborate with. But that’s not all…

Any existing album you’ve already made (or have yet to make) can also be customized with a map, pins, and text. Google says the new update is rolling today across all platforms (Android, iOS, and the web), so be on the lookout and start sharing some amazing albums.

Download on Google Play: Google Photos


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