T-Mobile takes the LG G5 to the race track for its fastest unboxing ever [VIDEO]


T-Mobile already announced April 1st availability for the LG G5, kicking things off with a crazy incentive to pre-order: everyone who pre-orders before April 5th gets a free LG 360 Cam for every, spare battery pack and charging cradle to keep it charged and ready to go. It’s an insane value, one that we’re sure anyone who already had their heart set on buying the phone will be happy with.

With that out of the way, T-Mobile Product Manager Des Smith took the LG G5 out to a race track for their fastest unboxing ever. Not so much in terms of how fast he unboxes the phone (which is still pretty damn quick), but how fast he’s traveling while he does it. Either way, unboxings are typically pretty dry and boring and this is a great way to spice things up. Check out the video yourself in the Tweet down below.

Chris Chavez
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