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A couple of months ago, Google rolled out a new feature called “Smart Reply” for the Inbox by Gmail app. Smart Reply intelligently suggests auto-filled replies for your received emails. The replies are short little messages, such as “looks great!” or “thanks for the help!’ but they can be helpful when you’re going through a lot of emails. Google has added this cool feature to web.

The Smart Replies will appear when you click on an email. You’ll see them show up as clickable buttons in the reply box. Simply click one of the responses and it will be entered into your email. It’s a little thing, but it can save you time. Another good tip for saving time (yours and others) is to not send short “thanks!” emails in the first place. But that’s just our opinion.

Smart Replies must be a hit, because Google says 10% of replies on mobile are already using Smart Reply. Not bad for a feature that has only been around for a couple of months. Have you ever used this feature on your phone? Will you use it on the web? Do you even use Inbox?

[via Gmail Blog]


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