HTC 10 will have “world first, world class” cameras on the back AND front


HTC’s no longer sticking to “compelling” to describe the camera experience for the upcoming HTC 10: they’re all out claiming they have some world-first and world-class innovations on both the front and rear.

htc 10 cameras

We’d noted that the front camera sensor seen in various HTC 10 leaks looked rather larger than we’re used to, though we weren’t sure if it meant anything. Apparently it does, and HTC plans to make it one of the major talking points whenever they announce this thing in the weeks to come.

Of course, the company had no other specific information to share, and without many rumors giving much of a clue as to what we can expect we’re left to our imagination to figure out why HTC is so excited about the shooters on their next flagship. We’re going to stay tuned, and so should you.

[via HTC]

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