Google jumps Samsung to become the 2nd most valuable brand (but Apple’s still first)


What’s the most valuable brand in the world? Apple, of course. They make a ton of profit no their sales, have a strong marketing presence and they appeal to the common consumer. That likely won’t change for quite a while.

But other areas on the list of Brand Finance’s top 10 most valuable brands are being shaken up in their 2016 list. For starters, Google has finally leapfrogged Samsung to take their place as the 2nd most valuable brand in the world.


The company has gained a lot of momentum in recent years thanks to the growth of Android, which in-turn has likely helped fuel their lucrative search and advertising businesses. It doesn’t hurt that their name is almost synonymous with the term “search,” too.

Samsung didn’t take too hard of a fall, though, with them taking up the 3rd place spot that Google once held. Of course, Samsung has its name on all things personal electronics, entertainment and home appliances, so we aren’t too surprised they still have one of the strongest brands out there.

Elsewhere, Amazon made one of the biggest jumps out of anyone on the list. The company went from #8 to #4, a testament to the growing importance and popularity of eCommerce. Here’s the full top 10 if you’re interested (with the number in brackets being their previous place):

  1. Apple (#1)
  2. Google (#3)
  3. Samsung (#2)
  4. Amazon (#8)
  5. Microsoft (#4)
  6. Verizon (#5)
  7. AT&T (#6)
  8. Walmart (#7)
  9. China Mobile (#11)
  10. Wells Fargo (#15)

[via Brand Finance]

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