Hangouts 8.0 brings support for Android N’s quick replies and bundled notifications


The Android N developer preview isn’t even a day old and there are already apps being updated to support it. Hangouts — of all apps — is the first to bring out support for some of the update’s most exciting features.

Firstly, we get Android N’s quick replies that lets you respond to messages right from the notification bar. Granted, Hangouts already had a similar quick reply feature, but we’re obviously in favor of the app using Android’s new built-in tool for it.

Hangouts is also getting support for Android N’s bundled notifications, which will let individual message notifications stack up in 1 card in your notification tray. Expanding the bundle would show a wealth of individual cards so you can read and reply to exactly the person you want.

Of course, these features won’t show themselves to those on older versions of Android, but if you have the Android N preview it’s a nice way to test out some of the upcoming features (though note that the bundled notifications don’t exactly seem to be working properly just yet). Download the APK here and give it a try.

[via Android Police]

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