Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 bend? [VIDEO]


You had to know it was coming, folks. Jerry Rig got his hands on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to maim it and strip it of all its sentient pride?

He put Samsung’s newest darling through one of his torture tests, an ordeal which includes bending, scratching, and burning. The device’s glass held up to scratches just fine under typical cutlery, but obviously didn’t manage to withstand cuts from sharper counterparts.

The sides also took light scratches from fairly sharp edges, but nothing too worrisome. It’s safe to say it should survive a day next to change or keys in your pocket, but don’t take a katana to it.

galaxy s7 bend test

Moving on, the display suffered some permanent pixel damage when being burned, but the screen remained fully functional otherwise. Again, don’t throw this thing into a volcano and you’re probably fine.

The bend test is what we were most concerned with, but thankfully the device seems to hold up rather well in that area. Putting pressure on the device does seem to cause its rear glass panel to raise and destroy the device’s waterproof sealing, but it otherwise warped back into its original shape and looks just as good as it did out of the box.

We always stress the importance of making sure you don’t sit on your phone, but as long as you aren’t doing anything crazy with it in your back pocket it should be able to withstand the test of time. Check the full test out in the video above, and check below for a bonus look at the device’s innards.

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