Supposed HTC One M10 camera shot shows questionable performance


It’s an understatement to say HTC has a lot riding on the success of the HTC One M10, so we’re sure the company won’t want to be lacking in any areas compared to their competitors. One of the areas they vowed to improve was the camera, with an executive noting that the device will have a very compelling camera experience, and that’s even after considering the arsenals of the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

A shot that was supposedly taken from the device (its Exif data shows the device’s name as HTC_M10h) has leaked. The raw camera specs don’t sound all that meager at first, with an aperture of f/1.9 on a 12-megapixel sensor. Of course, specs on paper are useless without knowing the exact technology, so we’ll look to the shot to determine its worth.

htc one m10 camera sample

Aside from a disgustingly dirty keyboard, you’ll notice a hazy image that doesn’t offer much sharpness. If this was our first impression of a camera then it wouldn’t be very good. But, like with anything, we should remember a few things:

  1. This image might not come from the HTC One M10.
  2. If it does come from an HTC One M10, it could be from an early prototype or with early non-optimized camera software.
  3. The user might not have cleaned the sensor or taken the photo with appropriate settings.
  4. It’s an quick and (literally) dirty shot inside a building with sketchy lighting.

Simply put, if you aren’t liking what you’re seeing then don’t freak out. We’ll have to wait for the final launch of this phone before we can determine its camera’s worth. And even if production units of the device are taking less-than-savory images we’ve seen in the past (even on HTC’s very last flagship) that it’s possible to clean up through software updates if the issue lies with the firmware.

[via TechTastic]

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