YouTube made it possible to blur objects after a video has been uploaded


youtube blurring

Blurring out details and objects is an important method of protecting someone’s privacy in a video. If you’ve ever had to do it, you know how much of a pain it can be. Especially if you accidentally forgot to blur something after the video has already been uploaded to YouTube. Until now, you were forced to delete the video, re-edit, and upload again. YouTube has solved this problem.

A new tool for YouTube creators makes it easy to blur objects after a video has been uploaded. It’s as easy as selecting an object by drawing a box over the top. The best part is you can blur moving objects as well, which is very important. It magically analyzes the motion of the object and automatically tracks it around the video. If an object doesn’t move, you can lock the blur to one spot.

These blur effects can be added, removed, and resized at any time. Viewers will not be able to turn off the blurring effect. The Custom Blurring tool can be found in the Enhancements tab.

[via YouTube]

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