There is now a “smart bike” that runs on Android and shoots lasers


le super bike

We hear a lot about “wearables” these days, but what about rideables? The company behind one of our favorite phones from CES has just come out with a bike that runs Android. Or does it ride Android?

The Le Super Bike (awesome name) is made by LeEco (formerly LeTV). They are new to the smartphone business and even newer to the “smart bike” world. This is essentially a bike with a built-in fitness tracker that happens to run Android. If the look of the device isn’t futuristic enough for you, it also has lasers. Yes, lasers.

The bike itself is made of carbon fiber and titanium. Nestled between the handlebars is what appears to be a small phone. The phone is running a special skin just for the bike. You can do typical things like make calls and send texts, but the interesting features tie into the bike. It’s great for getting directions, and every time you take a trip it’s recorded. Sensors in the handle bar take your heart rate while you’re riding.

Now for some fun stuff. The handlebars have built-in indicator lights like you’d find on a car. Tap a button on the handle and it will blink to show the direction you’re turning. You’ll also find buttons in the handlebar for controlling music on the built-in phone. The real reason you’re here is the lasers. At night, a red laser shines on the ground on your left and right side. This line is meant to show how close someone can get to you without knocking you off the bike.

The Le Super Bike is on sale right now in China for $800. They intend to have the bike on sale in the US later this year. Would you be interested in a super bike?

[via Digital Trends]

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