LG thinks the LG G5 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S7, but do you?


No company is going to say their smartphone isn’t the best thing to hit the planet since it was discovered bacon was edible, so it comes as no surprise that LG is sending out material to show why their phone — the LG G5 (hands-on) — is better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge (both of which were announced this past Sunday).


The graphic you see above goes over some of the features the LG G5 has and compares them to the Samsung Galaxy S7 (check out our hands-on look). Anyone taking a quick look at the photo will immediately peg LG the winner, but we should always look to our own judgment to decide which phone is best.

Just for funsies, let’s run down the list and see if there’s merit to any of it:

  • Modular Design: Fair point. The LG G5 can do some very cool stuff. Modular accessories like the camera grip and hi-fidelity audio do add additional important features. Win.
  • Removable Battery: Another fair point, though this will be up to the user to decide whether it’s important. For yours truly, it isn’t.
  • 16MP rear camera: This is where things get iffy. Megapixels alone don’t count. Yes, the LG G5’s 16 megapixels are more than Samsung, but there are many other important factors to camera quality.
  • Always-on display: Both devices have them, and LG wasn’t afraid to point it out. Good on them.
  • 5.3-inch display: LG gave themselves the win on this one, but some people (again, yours truly) actually prefer small displays. Toss-up.
  • Daylight mode: A fancy way to say “auto-brightness.” LG’s display can go a fair bit brighter than most others’, though, so we’ll let them slide with this one.
  • IP68 and Water Resistance: LG had to throw Samsung a freebie to give off the illusion that they’re being fair.
  • MicroSD slot: Again, can’t knock Samsung for the lack of expandable storage this year.

Of course, LG left many other things out like wireless charging, Samsung Pay and a heart-rate sensor, all things which they can’t hold a candle to. They did also leave out the fact that the LG G5 has USB Type-C while the Galaxy S7 is still stuck on microUSB 2.0, so we’ll give them that.

At the end of the day, the “best” smartphone is whichever smartphone works best for you. We could make as many comparisons, lists and reviews as we want, but if there’s one aspect of an otherwise “perfect” phone breaking the experience for you, you should try to find the one that fits you best regardless of what anyone thinks. That in mind, would you agree with LG or do you think they’re stretching a bit here? Sound off in the comments below!


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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