Google Chrome could be getting a magazine-like “morning reads” new tab page


The developers of Google Chrome are always working on something. A lot of the time, new features are discovered by digging through the Chromium project. Chromium is the open-sourced browser that Chrome is based on. When a new feature appears in Chromium there’s a good chance it will be brought to Chrome. The latest discovery is something called “morning reads.”

There are references to “zine” (a common abbreviation of “magazine”) and “morning reads.” The service gathers content from websites the user would most likely be interested in, and then displays the content in the new tab page. It’s the same idea as reading a newspaper in the morning. But since Chrome knows your browsing habits, the content should be more personalized to the user.

Current "New Tab Page"

Current “New Tab Page”

If Google does roll out this “morning reads” feature we can’t help but think back to Google Reader. This would have been a great use of the RSS feeds. Would you use a “morning reads” page in Chrome? Do you even care about the new tab page? What if the feature was brought to the Android browser?

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