Feb 18th, 2016

Samsung Unpacked 2016 VR Live streaming

When Samsung announced the date for their big Galaxy Unpacked 2016 event, we had a good feeling they’d be doing something with virtual reality (their teaser video had someone “unpacking” the event with a Gear VR strapped to his head). Today, the company is finally making their plans known, announcing that, not only will they be streaming their event live for all to see, but they’ll be doing so in 360-degrees. Called it.

But it’s not only for Samsung Gear VR owners. Samsung will be allowing anyone watching the live stream from their computers to switch between 4 different camera views (it’ll be live streamed on their site here). If you’d rather watch it on your phone, Samsung has launched a free Unpacked 360 View app on Google Play and the Apple App Store that also features 4 different camera angles in 360-degrees. Of course, Samsung Gear VR owners can get in on the fun using the Unpacked 360 View app in the Oculus Store.

This is a lot like what OnePlus did with the OnePlus 2 launch last year, only on a much larger scale. Samsung isn’t the first and something tells us they definitely wont be the last. The Galaxy Unpacked event is set to begin streaming on February 21st at 7PM (CET). Of course we’ll be on hand for the event, bringing you the latest as it happens.

Download on Google Play: Unpacked 360 View