New Galaxy S7 pictures confirm microUSB


Needed solid evidence that the Galaxy S7 would be skipping out on USB Type-C? The latest leak from weibo finally gives us a good look at the underside, and sure enough it shows the same microUSB port we’ve known and not-so-loved for years. Rumors said to suggest as much, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Steve Hemmerstoffer on Twitter   Just in case you still had doubts...  Samsung  GalaxyS7  GalaxyS7Edge  MicroUSB https   t.co 37SYQWFFBY https   t.co 3ZHPO5QZ2K

What does come as a surprise is Samsung’s willingness to pass on it. The company is known to want to push the envelope everywhere they can, so to not hop on an improved USB standard is a bit out of the ordinary.

That said, it’s probably best they do. The standard is still in the early going, and many cable manufacturers are scrambling to get their wares out. Some are moving so fast that they’re completely ignoring the specifications, something that has resulted in the destruction of at least 1 USB Type-C device. That isn’t anyone’s fault but the cable manufacturer’s, of course, but Samsung could just be looking to steer clear of any potential issues that may come with people buying third-party USB cables.

MicroUSB shouldn’t be all that bad. It only takes half a second to check to make sure you’re putting the cable in the right way, and it still offers fast charging. The other benefits of USB Type-C aren’t covered quite as well, but it shouldn’t be an issue so big that it’d doom the phone. Is the lack of USB Type-C a deal breaker for you? Let us know straight ahead.

[via Steve Hemmerstoffer]

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