Verizon’s 24GB of free data every year deal is back


Verizon is opening up one of the best deals they’ve ever had for data since $30 unlimited data back up. You can now get 2GB of free data each month for every smartphone line you add or upgrade. That’s 24GB of data each year. And that’s also for the life of your service, so long as you don’t leave or make any major plan changes.

verizon free 2gb

The deal applies to all XL and higher data plans, and can even stack per line on family plans. A family of 4 gets 8GB each month, for instance, and all that data is shareable by any of the connected devices on the plan.

Unfortunately we’re not yet sure how long this will be around, so if you had plans to upgrade or add new lines soon you’ll want to do it as soon as you can. You should be walked through the promotion steps online if you’re doing it that way. Otherwise, Verizon reps can help you get your bonus goods if you walk into one of their stores.

[via Verizon]

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