Feb 15th, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:06 pm

Samsung did something cool with the Galaxy S6 — they made a version themed after Iron Man. It was a very limited edition release, and the quirky color scheme probably wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it was undoubtedly a beautiful and cool phone.

Iron Man Edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unboxing

It looks like they could be planning to do the same for the Galaxy S7. A new rumor suggests they’ll make another limited edition phone themed after a comic book hero, but this time they’re switching sides to DC and going with Batman.

It makes sense if this deal is to celebrate the arrival of the new Batman vs Superman film that’s premiering March 24th. Samsung isn’t against striking deals to help promote stuff like that.

We’re not exactly sure how the device might look, if true, but we imagine it’ll be more “dark” than the Iron Man version to fit the theme of Batman. It’s sure to feature some deep blacks and grays in that regard. It will likely also come in a cool themed box, and should be pre-loaded with some Batman wallpapers, if the Iron Man Galaxy S6 is anything to go by. Beyond that, though, it’s probably going to be identical to the regular devices under-the-hood. Would you go out of your way and pay extra to grab a Batman Galaxy S7?

[via SamMobile]

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